Mother’s Delight as Deaf Daughter Becomes Youngest in Britain to Undergo Cochlear Implant Surgery

The implant should help Paige develop a sensation of hearing and speak more clearly

A baby who was born deaf is set to become one of the youngest in the country to undergo surgery to improve her  hearing.

Seven-month-old Paige Evans will undergo a cochlear implant after doctors gave the go-ahead for the treatment.

Cochlear implants can improve people’s ability to hear and understand speech.

Her parents say they are ‘over the moon’ that their young daughter may be able to hear in just a matter of weeks.

Paige was born profoundly deaf on March 11 at  the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton, after her mother Bethany Tait contracted group B streptococcus, a bacteria which causes severe infections  in newborns.

Her mother said she had a feeling ‘from day one’ that something was wrong with Paige’s hearing.

The implant should help Paige develop a sensation of hearing and speak more clearly.

Then when she was just two weeks old, her parents were dealt a further blow when Paige was admitted to hospital after  repeated vomiting.

She was diagnosed with meningitis, linked to the bacteria from her mother’s infection.

Now doctors have contacted the family to confirm Paige is suitable for cochlear implant surgery.

Miss Tait, 20, said: ‘We just can’t believe  it – we’re dying for the phone to ring so we know when she’s having the  operation. We are just waiting for a date.

‘I want really want Paige to be able to hear us. It was horrible to think she may never hear us say how much we love her. She also doesn’t respond as much as other babies, which does upset me.’

Her parents have even chosen which design of implant their daughter will have when the procedure is carried out at James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

Miss Tait added: ‘A member of staff from James Cook came over earlier this week and brought us an implant to show us what it looks like.

‘It made it even more exciting when we got to pick the implant, a white waterproof one.’

She added that she has already been looking for musical toys to buy Paige, in the hope she will at last be able to hear  them.

There are risks to the eight-hour procedure, which includes doctors delicately cutting behind the ear and drilling through the skull to insert the implant.

But the couple say they have been assured by doctors that their baby is in safe hands.

‘And no matter what happens, she was born that way so that’s who she is and we love her,’ said her mother.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this; not because of the fact Paige will be living with a cochlear implant, but because the procedure (which is major surgery) is being carried out on someone so young. What are your thoughts?

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2 responses to “Mother’s Delight as Deaf Daughter Becomes Youngest in Britain to Undergo Cochlear Implant Surgery

  1. Well I’m her mother she has had her op last sat she was amazing she soon got back to her normal self and her operation went well with no complications ..while we where in hospital we also found out she has cerebral palsy due to meningitis so she is now getting medication to help her !

    • That’s great to know – I was wondering how it went. I’m glad everything was successful for Paige and her implant (and that she adjusted so quickly)! That’s definitely made us smile.

      Sorry to hear about the Cerebral Palsy, but I’m glad she’s getting the support and medication that she needs. She certainly sounds like an amazing child, so I’m sure she’s going to be just fine!

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