Lexington’s 7th Annual Golf Outing

On the 8th of October Lexington School and Centre held its 7th Annual Golf Outing – at the immaculate Clearview Golf Course, Queens, NY .

The aim of the outing each year is to raise funds through generous donors. This is so that Lexington can carry on supporting the Deaf and hard-of-hearing and provide their communities with vital, low-cost, and free services.

The day started with breakfast (as all good outings should) and player check-in; closely followed by five and a half hours of golf, respectful clapping, murmured conversation, nods of approval, and a confused expression or two as some audience members and I surreptitiously tried to work out who was winning and why.

After the golf, an honoree reception was held along with a BBQ.

Long-standing Lexington Director of Athletics and Supervisor of Physical Education and Creative Arts (he does a lot), Bob Sheiner, was honored. Bob has been a proud part of the Lexington family since 1974 – and is often seen walking the halls, talking with students and staff members alike. You could even say that he’s something of an unofficial mascot (or not, as the case may be).

During his tenure as a coach and athletic director, Lexington has won numerous championships, but Bob’s primary goal has always been to develop educational experiences that include all students of all abilities. He has also been an active leader in a number of leagues and associations that serve the Deaf, as well as Deaf and hearing schools in the New York City area.

“I am a very lucky guy. Lexington is a very special place. I have worked with some outstanding professionals and with generations of beautiful Lexington families.” – Bob Sheiner

On top of all this excitement, a raffle and silent auction were held. It wasn’t just your ordinary raffle, either. The prizes up for grabs were nothing short of amazing – although someone tried for better: we recently received a hilarious phone call from a man claiming to have won a lifetime supply of money in our raffle. Nice try!

The prizes included: a 7 day Caribbean Cruise for two, a 4 day stay for two in Jamaica, a 3 day stay in the Dominican Republic, and many more. For the full list of prizes and their donors, head over to our website.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who attended the event; together we’ve managed to raise an incredible $35,000 to continue Lexington’s programs; helping those who would otherwise not be able to afford specialized care and services.

Another big thank you to our sponsors: TDBank, Toshiba, GreenbergTraurig, Children’s Hearing Institute, Albanese and Albanese LLP, Bender Insurance, Pure Logic, Children’s Hearing Institute, Sorenson Communications, Manuel Mosquera, Regina Carroll and Tom Colasuonno, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Knockout Pest Control, Loeb & Troper, NYU Cochlear Implant Center, Success Apparel, Wells Fargo, Judith Bravin, Randolph Ghisone, Albert Hlibok, Greg Hlibok, IDP Consulting LLC, Robert M. Schanzer.

Your participation in the Golf Outing means an increased measure of independence for deaf and hard-of-hearing youth and individuals.

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