Meet Manny: CEO of Lexington School and Center for the Deaf

Here in Development we’ve decided that we’d introduce you to some of the busier people who you can find rushing around Lexington School and Center for the Deaf. After much persuasion, pleading, and begging (we’re not ashamed), we’ve managed to interview some of the well-known, some could say “scary”, names in Lexington.

In this interview we catch up with the ever-busy Manuel Mosquera (who does not fall into the “scary” category), Lexington’s hardworking CEO – though, of course, he goes by Manny to everyone who knows him:

Hi, Manny. Okay, straight into the first question. I know you don’t have a lot of time. What’s your favorite food?


I bet you weren’t expecting that question!

“I wasn’t, no. Favorite food?”


“Burgers, fries, pizza.. I love to snack on junk food. I’m an addict! Oh, and M&Ms! I love cheesecake and flan, too. Those are my favorite desserts. I have a hard time choosing between them. I wish I could make them.”

We need to change the subject. I haven’t had lunch and a burger sounds really good right now. Do you have any hobbies?

“I love cars. Old cars. I go to car shows in my spare time and go for long drives. I’d say long, peaceful drives were my favorite pastime. I love driving down ocean parkways in my 1969 Mustang on Sunday mornings. I go out to Captree and hand out with the other Muscle Car fanatics ”

But, if you had a spare 30 minutes or an hour, how would you pass the time?

“I’d probably take my dogs for a walk”

Oh, really? What dogs do you have?

“I have a Min Pin (Miniature Pinscher ) and a mutt. My grandogs are Pitbulls, I visit them every chance I get. They’re great dogs.”

I’ve never seen a Min Pin before. I’ll have to Google it (right)! I’d probably just watch some shows on the TV. I watch so many that I need to keep up! Do you watch any shows on TV?

“Bones and NCIS are the only shows that I watch on a regular basis. There’s something about forensics. It makes them really interesting to watch. When time permits, I love watching Animal Planet and the History Channel.”

I confess, I love NCIS as well. Okay, next question. If you could learn to anything, what would it be?

“I’d like to learn to play the guitar. I regret that I never learned to play it previously. It would be a great thing to be able to do.”

Quite a few people have said that. It seems that Lexington is full of would-be musicians! Everyone I’ve talked to has said that – except John, the Audiology Director, that is: he hates instruments. He said that all that guitars were good for was hitting siblings.. He was speaking from experience.


I know you have to get away because you’re busy. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

“Would love to meet Jack Welsh. He’s the former CEO of General Electric.

Not the standard choice. Most people have wanted to meet ‘icons’. How come you want to meet him?

“He’s an icon in the business world and someone I admire. He ran a multinational operation and managed to keep all aspects of the organization in check  – not to mention all moving in the same direction. I need to ask him how he managed to do that!”

Last two questions, and probably the ones you were expecting when we started. How long have you worked at Lexington? Why do you like working here?

“The end of the month marks exactly two-and-a-half years here. I enjoy working here for various reasons. First is the fact that we are mission driven. We impact real lives and make a difference. Not everyone can say that. Secondly, I truly believe we have a great group of employees. Just like with any other family we have our disagreements. When it really counts, however, everyone comes together and can be counted on! I also love a challenge. And Lexington, with all the continued financial pressure that it faces, has certainly proven to be one big challenge.”

Don’t forget to check back soon to find out about some of the other members of the Lexington family, like Steve Kipp, John Ioannou, and Adele Agin (she doesn’t realize it yet, but it’s going to happen. We at Development are determined).

Oh, and Manny, here’s a recipe that will help you make a great flan: You’re welcome.


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