Teacher Raises Money for Deaf Student to Visit the Nation’s Capital


SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A local teacher is raising money to help her student who is deaf go on a class trip to Washington D.C.

Sulmi Gomez, 11, is a student at West Middle School in Shelbyville. She’s never allowed her disability of being deaf stand in her way.

She was especially excited when the opportunity came for her to go on a class trip to Washington D.C.

“I want to see Galludet. I want to see the different deaf people in D.C.,” Gomez said.

Gomez’s teacher Elizabeth Steinert realized she may not be able to attend because of extra expenses needed to hire more interpreters for the trip.

“I didn’t think it was fair for her to have all that weight on her shoulders. So I volunteered to help raise awareness about this trip and raise money for her to go,” Steinert, Teacher for the Deaf said.

The goal is to raise $1000 for her teacher of the deaf as well as other interpreters needed in Washington D.C.

It’s an opportunity for Sulmi to visit museums, the White House and Galludet University.

“I’m excited to go to Washington DC,” Gomez said.

For Ms. Steinert, it’s a chance to open Sulmi’s eyes to a life without boundaries.

“It’s a place where Sulmi will be exposed to deaf adults and inspire her and help meet her own dream of becoming a teacher of the deaf herself,” Steinert said.

Sulmi is especially excited to visit Galludet Univeristy in Washington D.C. because it’s the only University in the world for the deaf. If you’d like to help Sulmi in her fundraising campaign, we have the information donate on our website.

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