Vladimir is in the NY Times (Again)!


In a previous post, we talked about the incredible story of one of our students; Vladimir Gongora. To our amazement, Vladimir’s story was picked up by the NY Times and journalist Julie Turkewitz. The article inspired huge amounts of generosity. Within an afternoon, Lexington School and Center for the Deaf received enough donations to purchase Vladimir his very own set of hearing aids.

What really inspired us, however, was the selflessness of other Deaf individuals in the same position:

“I am a deaf 16-year-old high school student living in Rochelle, N.Y.,” wrote Gabriel Brainson, a reader an extra hearing aid. “I showed my parents the article, and asked them if we could give my hearing aid to Vladimir and his family.. How can we make this happen?”

Incredibly, Gabriel wasn’t the only one who asked if they could do this.

Thus the Hearing Aids Of My Own fund was born, a fund that seeks to help those in the community who, like Vladimir, can’t afford hearing aids of their very own.

Last Thursday, thanks to your amazing support, Vladimir finally got his hearing aids fitted. What’s more, the New York Times and Julie Turkewitz came to visit.

Although Vladimir will struggle to separate sounds to begin with, he’ll be able to discriminate more with longer use. We’re all very excited for Vladimir and his family; who can now do something as simple as shout “Vladi!” across a room, to see their son turn around and respond.

A little kindness goes a long way; it can be life-changing. We’re going to be smiling about this for weeks!

… And we’re certain that the Gongora family will be too.

You can read the follow-up article, written by John Otis, here.


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