Lexington Has a Friend in St. Rita’s School for the Deaf!


This week has been very exciting for us here at Lexington School and Center for the Deaf! Not only did our student Vladimir Gongora receive his hearing aids, but our friends at St Rita’s School for the Deaf in Cincinnati, Ohio, also were cause for much celebration.

The School for the Deaf had fun with a ‘Penny Wars’ fundraiser to raise money for other deaf schools which were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

I know what you’re thinking: “What’s a Penny War?”

A penny war is a competition that involves two or more groups. Each group has a bucket for collecting coins or dollar bills. The value of any pennies collected by a group count positively toward that group’s point total; however, the value of other coins or dollar bills are subtracted. You can win in two ways: by collecting more pennies than the other team, or by sabotaging them with dollar bills! At the end, a winner among groups is declared, and all the proceeds are donated.

Clearly, the St. Rita students are very, very competitive; together they managed to raise a staggering $1,070 (imagine all those pennies)! To our continued amazement, they decided to donate the funds to us to help us pay for the damage that we sustained during the storm.

Thanks to their overwhelming generosity, we repaired our broken windows, doors, and window frames, keeping our school and our students safe.

To help say a huge thank you to St. Rita’s we decided to show them part of what they made possible, with some of the students and staff who appreciate it the most (and there were many!): our Foreign Language Transition students.

Rosmery Ortiz (third from left), is a 12th grader here at Lexington. Here’s what she had to say about St. Rita’s kindness:

“I think it’s really nice of them to help.  It’s great when two schools can help each other, and it’s important that the deaf community supports each other.  I want to say thank you to St. Rita’s for their donation to support us and fix our windows and helping to make our school safer and warmer.”
Becki Kreig, Ortiz’s Foreign Language Transition teacher also echoed these sentiments. She even taught English at St. Rita’s School for the Deaf for 2 years!

Like us, Kreig thinks it’s phenomenal that St. Rita’s raised such a great amount. She’s both happy and proud to see that the culture of sharing and giving back to the community is alive and well.

All of us here are thrilled that St. Rita’s not only chose to share their fundraising efforts with Lexington, but we’re also moved by their compassion for other students in the deaf community. We’re sending you lots of deaf applause!

StudentsTYThank you, St. Rita’s School for the Deaf! (And thank you for not donating the whole amount in pennies! I’m not sure I could have counted them all!)

To find out more about St. Rita’s School for the Deaf and what else is happening there, take a look at their website:http://www.srsdeaf.org/


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