Deaf Woman Hears 6-Year-Old Son’s Voice For First Time

A heartwarming video of a deaf mother hearing her 6-year-old son’s voice for the first time has recently gone viral.

The emotional clip was originally uploaded to YouTube in September 2012, but has resurfaced (much to our delight) after the young woman’s aunt Catherine Arnold posted an update on Amy’s progress.

The 26-year-old, who has been deaf since birth, heard the sound of her parents’ and 6-year-old son’s voices for the first time after having cochlear implants fitted.

In the clip Amy says she is confused after hearing her dad’s voice and her eyes fill with tears as her son waves to her saying “Hi mom!”

Thank you to everyone that appreciates and feels what a beautiful time this was and continues to be for Amy and our families.”She is continuing her hard work of speech and sound therapy to distinguish what sound is.

“Her pronunciation has improved vastly and she can hear words and especially music! Naturally, after a lifetime of lip reading and signing, it is still necessary for her to rely on that skill to have conversation in a group.

“Every day is new and sometimes an exhausting experience. She loves the challenge to improve yet more and she is a joy to be around.”

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