Switched At Birth Cast Visits School For The Deaf


The cast of hit U.S. Tv show Switched At Birth visited the Marlton School in Los Angeles to participate in a panel discussion with students.

Stars including deaf actress Marlee Matlin and Gilles Marini chatted with students at the school for deaf youngsters, the only educational facility that primarily teaches students who are deaf or hard of hearing in the area.

The school is close to the show’s heart as executive producer Lizzy Weiss toured the campus for inspiration while creating the series, set at a school named Carlton.

The show, which stars both hearing, hard of hearing and deaf actors, made history earlier in March when it became the first-ever drama to air an episode entirely in American Sign Language (ASL).

The stars later took to their Twitter.com pages to write about the visit and Matlin was particularly moved to discover a mural of her face painted on a wall at the school, alongside one of her inspirational quotes.

She posted a snap of the painting alongside the message, “I was so humbled to find a mural of me at Marlton School with one of my favorite quotes.”

Marini writes, “This morning with the cast of Switched at Birth. We went visiting the Def school of Marlton. Awesome,” while Weiss adds, “(The) cast visited Marlton School in La today, the inspiration for Carlton School. Thanks for having us.”

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