Deaf but Talented, Bright and Optimistic


WHEN Kevin McDonald’s world went silent some 26 years ago a mother’s love kept him from retreating, leaving him to believe “I can do anything except hear”.

“I wasn’t born deaf; I became deaf at the age of five or six. When my mom realised what had happened to me she took me from the school I was and she sent to Danny Williams School for the Deaf Primary, after I graduated I went to the Lister Mair Gilby High School for the Deaf and then the Abilities Foundation for a year,” a bright-eyed McDonald told the Jamaica Observer through an interpreter.

Ardently signing his hopes and dreams for the deaf community in Jamaica to the Observer, McDonald cut a picture of tenacity and drive, which the loss of speech and hearing only made more intense.

“When I found out I was deaf it really didn’t mean anything to me, it’s not much of a problem, I believe I can do anything except hear,” he said looking almost cheeky.

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