Calling Spielberg! Deaf Oscar Hopefuls Get Their Big Shot at an Innovative Summer ‘Deaf Film Camp’


They are the budding filmmakers who could be standing on the Oscar podium in years to come.

And these future Spielbergs and mini Coppolas are now getting their big shot at Camp Mark Seven’s first summer of Deaf Film Camp.

For the deaf children of American, their hopes and dreams could come true at the program, where three deaf filmmakers are on hand to guide the campers.

The camp for deaf kids in Old Forge, New York, is adding a film program, and is urging Hollywood greats such as Oscar winner Steven Spielberg to give them their backing and blessing.

Started in 1981, Camp Mark Seven has evolved to include not only deaf campers, but also campers whose parents are deaf, making it a haven for all those fluent in American Sign Language.

And now, the camp is evolving even more as it introduces its first summer of Deaf Film Camp.

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