Silent Campout to Teach American Sign Language


MARIETTA – The fun of camping will be combined with learning how to communicate without speaking during Washington State Community College’s first-ever “silent campout” from noon-10 p.m. May 4 at the college’s softball fields in Marietta.

Sponsored by WSCC’s American Sign Language Interpreter Program, the campout is an effort to educate and generate interest in American Sign Language – the primary means of communication for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

“The main goal of the camp is to let people know we do have a sign language program here, but we also want people to know it’s important to be able to communicate with deaf people,” said Ashley Lamraoui, coordinator of the ASL program.

She said the camp is for anyone who knows, studies, or just wants to learn more about American Sign Language, and hopefully some deaf individuals will be part of the event, too.

“We’ll be teaching basic sign language, and for people who already know ASL, we’ll help them enhance their skills,” Lamraoui said. “And there will be games, activities and door prizes available for all ages.”

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