Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Citizens Graduate RPD Citizen’s Police Academy


Twenty deaf and hard of hearing people jumped at the opportunity to learn from, and teach, the Rochester Police Department, “how the deaf community can teach the police things, how to approach a deaf person, if a person is on a pullover, if they’ve been arrested, there’s so many things that we were hoping to be able to teach the officers,” said Sylvia Sirianni a graduate of the RPD Citizen’s Police Academy.

The city has the largest per capita deaf population in the United States.  The class helps students better understand how the department operates, “so there’s not a misunderstanding between the deaf community and the police officers,” explained Renee Nicholls, the R.P.D’s liaison to the deaf and hard of hearing community, “so we’re just trying to bridge and strengthen that relationship so that there’s no misunderstandings or mis-communication.”

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