At Wellesley library, babies are learning sign language


If you’re a baby, you have relatively few options for letting your caretakers know exactly what you need — and some of them, like screaming at the top of your lungs, can be pretty annoying to those around you. So what do you do?

For some babies, the solution may start with a trip to the Wellesley Free Library.

On Monday, June 10, parents took their kids to a class at the main library with the hope of teaching them not how to read, but rather how to communicate. The children, babies just several months old, were learning how to use American Sign Language (ASL) to convey non-verbally their essential needs and wants.

The teacher of this free four-week class, Sheryl White, is the owner of “Baby Kneads,” a Southborough-based baby massage and baby signing business. White has nearly 15 years of professional experience working with parents and young children and is herself a mother of three.

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